How to say Fuck You to The World

We all know those days; getting up, sluggishly. Dragging yourself to the shower. Slowly. Mustering all the available focus to turn on the coffee machine and wait for the ancient dark magic of said elixir to take hold of body and soul. Rise and shine.

What next? Oh yes, of course: the uneventful and monotonous, mostly robotic commute to an overly lit office full of cubicles and teeming with the sound of typing keyboards at 8 in the morning.

Could it get worse? Certainly. Did you already forget about the excruciating meeting to discuss X while…



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Felipao Sayao

An avid classic rock fan, Felipe frequently bores friends and family with music from the 70s/80s. Pigheaded figure who's constantly told he talks too much.